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Trevithick engine, Trewithen Estate, Cornwall return London

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The Trewiten Estate, located between Probus and Grandpound, has applied to redevelop an old agricultural estate and listed building to create a new tourist estate, farm shop, cafe and gardens.

The house, owned by the Goldsworthy family, has submitted plans to Cornwall Council that would “build on the house’s rich heritage, but provide a public experience that reflects modern living and current values”.

The history of the site will be at the forefront of the development of the Home Farm area in Trewiten, and the new look building will allow visitors to experience and learn about the Georgian mansion in an immersive environment.

It is the Foundation’s intention to apply for the Trevithick Engine, which is currently kept at the Science Museum, to be returned to its original location in Trevithick Barn, Trewithen.

Richard Trevithick, a famous Cornish inventor and mining engineer, patented a high-pressure steam engine in 1802. This high-pressure steam engine was built at his Hale Foundry in 1811 for threshing purposes at Trewithen, and remained in use on the premises until 1879. This steam engine has become a science museum collection for many. Many years have passed but the Goldsworthy family would like to see it return to their homeland of Cornwall.

The planning statement reads: “The goal is to restore the Trevithick Engine to its original location within the Trevithick Barn. The Grade II* Trevithick Barn is a landmark building due to its impressive architecture, the heritage significance of the building, and its association with the Trevithick Steam Threshing Engine. It is therefore the most important building on the site.

Falmouth Packet: Trevithick engine that the Goldsworthy family wants back in CornwallTrevithick engine the Goldsworthy family wants back in Cornwall. (Image: Photo courtesy of Llewellyn Harker Lowe Architects)

“Recognizing this, the barn will become a central part of the site’s offer as an attraction for visitors. As one of the earliest buildings on the Home Farm site, it has a unique character and is an important part of the building’s history. Contains features that convey

“Preliminary research has been collected to confirm the scale and operation of the engine and its various elements. This modification has been developed with the engine at the center of the plan and can be accessed from the outside via a new glazed door. Visible from the upper gallery through internal windows, the access staircase is designed to also act as a viewing platform.Observe the engine.”

The plans include a new estate entrance and visitor complex, as well as a new farm shop, cafe, gardens, estate offices, holiday rentals and other associated facilities.

The application adds: “A new generation of the Goldsworthy family has taken over the management of Trewiten Estate. They recognize the importance and value of the estate’s historic assets and have invested heavily in preserving and enhancing them. The first phase of these works to the Grade I listed house has recently been completed.

“The family now want to improve the experience that the estate offers to visitors and are therefore looking to redevelop the Home Farm buildings and create a new contemporary garden to complement the existing historic garden. I’m looking into it.”

For further information please see planning application PA23/08236 on Cornwall Council’s online planning register. https://planning.cornwall.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?keyVal=S2BHR8FGFIS00&activeTab=summary

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