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Prince William highlights efforts made as Duke of Cornwall

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Prince William highlights his efforts as Duke of Cornwall

Prince William on Wednesday highlighted efforts to mitigate climate change.

The Prince of Wales shared a video on Instagram to let people know about the steps he is taking as Duke of Cornwall.

According to his Instagram post, the Duchy of Cornwall is on a mission to achieve its goal of zero net farming.

Net zero is the balance between the amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere.

The eldest son of the current British monarch receives ownership of the duchy and the title Duke of Cornwall at birth or when his parents succeed to the throne, but he cannot sell the assets for personal gain. , your rights and income are restricted while you are a minor. The current duke is Prince William.

A statement shared by William read:

“The Duchy of Cornwall has revealed how it is supporting agricultural tenants and land managers to achieve net-zero property ownership by the early 2030s.

This contributes to the realization of the estate’s vision of sustainable management for communities, businesses and nature.

The Principality’s 2022 Net Zero Carbon Report highlighted that agriculture contributes to 62% of the Duchy’s total carbon emissions.

Under the leadership of Prince William, Duke of Cornwall, the Duchy is currently increasing support for tenants who aim to reduce emissions on their farms. The support package from the Principality includes:

Assistance in accurately entering farm data to measure farm emissions as part of an overall farm plan

Access to farmer-led training, farm walks, and workshops

Investing in agricultural infrastructure and machinery to support low-carbon farming practices

Providing independent advice from industry experts

The Duchy of Cornwall recognizes that agriculture provides a range of beneficial outcomes for society, including food security and economic prosperity for rural areas. Key to the net-zero transition are resilient agricultural systems that reduce dependence on fossil fuels and utilize nature-based solutions in the fight against climate change.

The Duchy of Cornwall will work closely with tenant farmers to demonstrate how emissions reduction efforts also contribute to financial returns, ensuring farm profitability goes hand in hand with net zero targets. To achieve this goal, planning for the entire farm is essential. From 2021 to 2023*, there is evidence that the Duchy’s four farms are net zero, following research in which the Duchy commissioned a baseline farm carbon budget for all fully equipped farms. It’s becoming clear.

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