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Extinction Rebellion protesters busted at NYC museums

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More than a dozen climate change protesters were arrested after occupying the lobby of New York’s Museum of Natural History and “die-in” next to the iconic Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, while others posted posters at the Guggenheim Museum was raised.

New York City police confirmed Monday that 13 members of Extinction Rebellion’s New York City chapter were arrested at two museums on Saturday, but it was not immediately clear how many were arrested for each act. There wasn’t.

At the Natural History Museum, protesters were photographed lying on the ground as a speaker stood on a dinosaur skeleton pedestal and talked about the dangers of fossil fuels.

“We’re here because the dinosaurs went extinct. We could be next,” the group shouted at one point, “Human pollution is causing a mass extinction.”

The entrance was quickly closed to prevent museum patrons from seeing their stunts and protests. claimed later.

Extinction Rebellion New York said: “Visitors who were lining up for tickets were informed that they did not need to purchase and were immediately ushered into the museum without hearing our message.” he tweeted along with a video showing a mostly empty lobby.

On Sunday, climate protesters lay on the ground as speakers stood on skeleton pedestals to lecture on the dangers of fossil fuel use at the Natural History Museum.
AMNH Press / Extinction Rebellion

Demonstrators also said they were prevented from going further into the museum and were greeted by police vehicles when they finally made it outside.

Meanwhile, other members of Extinction Rebellion’s New York City chapter were seen being escorted away by police from the Guggenheim Museum.

Extinction Rebellion climate change protesters were holding a “die-in” to protest climate change.
AMNH Press / Extinction Rebellion
As climate protesters left the Natural History Museum on Sunday, police vehicles were seen waiting outside.
AMNH Press / Extinction Rebellion

It is also unclear whether any demonstrators have been charged in the protest, which saw activists sing “We Are Not Afraid” as police appeared in the lobby.

Footage of the protest at the museum shows activists writing “Artists No Trespassing on a Dead Planet” on a railing at the Guggenheim Museum as a man decries Mayor Eric Adams’ recent budget cuts. It showed them hanging placards.

“This city runs entirely on fossil fuels. It won’t work on our future planet if we don’t start changing,” the protester said.

“Mayor, our government is failing us. They’re cutting back on everything we need, like libraries, so all we have left are places like this.” he continued.

“We’re asking museums like this to help because our government is failing.”

Protesters say museums have a duty to fight climate change

The protest at the Natural History Museum came just a day after the group held another demonstration at the Guggenheim Museum.
@raybaileyphoto / Extinction Rebellion

“Your duty goes beyond simply preserving our heritage. You must educate and empower our people at a time when our elected leaders and media consistently fail to do so.” I have an obligation.” Extinction Rebellion said in a statement:claims that more than a third of all plant and animal species are expected to become extinct by 2050.

“Our governments are reluctant to talk about these facts; the media refuses to hold them accountable; and the broader public is increasingly outraged by this inaction.

“Where is all this anger and energy going?” the group asks rhetorically.

The newspaper has contacted the Natural History Museum and the Guggenheim Museum for comment.

Extinction Rebellion has previously postponed the U.S. Open semifinals and held other demonstrations at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Christie’s auction house.

that explains itself Online, it describes itself as a “global movement that uses nonviolent civil disobedience to prevent mass extinction and minimize the risk of societal collapse.”

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