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The Frick’s Chief Curator Advances Art History With ‘Dream’ Reunion Of Two Renaissance Masterpieces After Four-Century Separation

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Giorgione’s three philosophers Traveled approximately 6,800 miles from Vienna to reunite with Giovanni Bellini’s home saint francis in the desert After traveling to various continents for more than four centuries, he came to New York.

flick madisonA temporary home for the Frick Collection, Giorgione was established with the help of a temporary loan from the Frick Collection. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Opposite the precious Bellini, enjoy an unparalleled dialogue between two exquisite Renaissance masterpieces. These works were owned by the Venetian collector, merchant, and aristocrat Taddeo Contarini (c. 1466-1540), and were displayed together in his palace for at least 31 years, until 1589. In 1589, the Bellini family moved to the Palazzo Justinian due to the marriage of a great Contarini figure. granddaughter Elisabetta; They changed hands over the centuries, finding permanent homes at the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Frick Museum. These works are among the most important paintings in the collection.

“When we first opened, the idea was to create a secular chapel for Bellini. Compared to Bellini alone, Breuer’s combination of large windows and benches for people to sit and reflect… And the question that really bothered me from day one was that people asked me, “If you could put anything on the opposite wall, what would you put?” has always been one, and I have to say that the answer was Giorgione’s. three philosophers. But I always thought this was impossible. I never dreamed of asking for that. But a colleague at another museum recently said to me: “If you don’t ask for something, you won’t get it.” So I decided to start a conversation. And, of course, the Kunsthistorisches Museum has been generous and embraced this project from the beginning,” said Xavier F. Salomon, Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator of the Frick Collection, last week. He told the celebrating and healed crowd: Bellini cocktails and a variety of appetizers.

Bellini and Giorgione in the Taddeo Contarini mansion Explore the common history of the two paintings.Scholars suggest that Giorgione invented it three philosopherswhich was probably commissioned by Contarini as a companion. saint francis in the desert. Their current exhibition at the Frick Madison, housed in a room in a building designed by Marcel Breuer, is part of Salomon’s ongoing and artful celebration of coveted landscape and portraiture.

During the pandemic, saint francis in the desert We provided cultural comfort with a vibrant twist, especially the addition of maraschino cherries. Salomon is Cocktails with the curator Provided insight into Bellini in April 2020 He created a masterpiece while toasting the quarantined art lovers with his custom-made Manhattan cocktail.

Salomon’s brave questions and the generosity of the Art History Editorial Board opened a new chapter in art history.

“A few years later, this dream really became a reality,” Salomon said.

Read on for more information. The book of the same name, written by Salomon and published by The Frick Collection in association with D Giles & Co., London, or if you attend the museum’s last free community evening.

The 120-page hardcover book with 35 color illustrations brings this unique story to life as Salomon presents new research on the journey of painting and recontextualizes the role of painting in Contarini’s collection. . You can pre-order your copy ($34.95, member price $27.96), due out this fall, here: flix museum shop Or contact us at [email protected] or (212) 547-6849.

On Friday, February 2, from 5pm to 9pm, we will be hosting Gray Krehbiel’s Parktake Open Night free program, inspired by Bellini and Giorgione at Villa Taddeo Contarini. Take advantage of after-hours opportunities to tour the gallery and flick art Reference library reading room. Pre-registration is recommended. ASL interpretation and listening aids are also available.

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